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Thermal manipulation modifies embryonic growth, hepatic free amino acid concentrations, and hatching performance in layer-type chicks

Nov 29,2022READ MORE    

Study on the Interaction between Four Typical Carotenoids and Human Gut Microflora Using an in Vitro Fermentation Model

Nov 29,2022READ MORE    

Two online academic workshops held by Institute of Agricultural Resources and Environment and its overseas partners

Nov 29,2022READ MORE    

A new resistance gene for rice black-streaked dwarf disease discovered by JAAS

Nov 25,2022READ MORE    

Prof. Daesub Song from Seoul National University invited for online academic exchanges

Nov 25,2022READ MORE    

Enhanced anaerobic digestion for degradation of swine wastewater through a Fe/Ni-MOF modified microbial electrolysis cell

Nov 21,2022READ MORE    


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