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Progress made in duplex Kompetitive Allele Specific PCR (dKASP) marker system

Mar 17,2023READ MORE    

Microbiology Spectrum: Molecular Hydrogen Confers Resistance to Rice Stripe Virus

Mar 02,2023READ MORE    

Simulation Analysis and Experiments for Blade-Soil-Straw Interaction under Deep Ploughing Based on the Discrete Element Method

Feb 23,2023READ MORE    

Research on biodegradation of deoxynivalenol published on Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (JAFC) and Biological Control

Feb 17,2023READ MORE    

Research on gut microbiome and circadian rhythms published on PNAS

Feb 02,2023READ MORE    

Headway made in soil N-derived nitrous oxide

Jan 30,2023READ MORE    


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