Agricultural waste resource utilization

Focusing on livestock and poultry breeding pollution control and agricultural waste resource utilization, the lab carries out researches mainly on two established research directions: waste to fertilizer and waste to material. As for the waste to fertilizer, the lab focuses on waste reduction from large-scale livestock and poultry breeding, composting and organic fertilizer technology, equipment and product research;  as for the waste to material, it focuses on the industrial fabrication of biodegradable flowerpots, seedling containers, seedling substrate blocks, straw mulching films and other technical products

The lab has undertaken over 20 projects in the past three years, including 4 NSFC projects, 3 National Key R&D Plan projects and 2 projects of the National the National Water Pollution Control and Treatment Science and Technology Major Project. Over the past three years, the total income from intellectual property services has reached RMB 3.206 million. In 2015 and 2016, the lab was honored as the Excellent Team in Scientific and Technological Output. In 2016 and 2017, the lab was honored the “Advanced Unit”. The lab published over 26 research papers, including 17 SCI/EI papers. It applied for 22 patents and was authorized 24 patents. It’s also the winner to 3 prizes for scientific and technological achievements, including 1 second prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award, 1 first prize for Shen Nong China Agricultural Science and Technology Award from the Ministry of Agriculture, 1 second prize from the JAAS Award and 1 recommended technology award from the Ministry of Agriculture.


Huang Hongying
Cao Yun
Qu Ping
Sun Enhui
Wu Huashan
Xu Yueding
Yong Cheng
Zhang Jing
Sun Qian
Wang Qiujun