Agricultural ecology

Main research directions:

 Environmental nutrient recycling project (biological enrichment and reutilization engineering technology of loss nutrient from farmland runoff, safe utilization technology of farmlands with farmlands contaminated with manure and biogas slurry and supporting equipment), ecological cultivation and cultivation of paddy fields (protective cultivation and ecological cultivation of paddy fields), construction and utilization of farmland biodiversity (high-efficiency cultivation mode of crops, three-dimensional cultivation mode and layout of farmland plant diversity)

Research achievements: 

Targeted at the sustainable agricultural production, environmental protection and sustainable agricultural development in the Yangtze River Delta region, the lab conducts research on the key directions of nutrient recycling in agricultural ecosystems. Meanwhile, it strengthens the research directions featured with environment-friendly planting/breeding modes, developing and applying eco-agricultural engineering technologies and modes in large-scale demonstration project.

During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the lab presided over 22 national, provincial (ministerial) level scientific research projects, published 52 research papers and applied for 11 patents (6 authorized); it also completed 1 achievement appraisal, formulated 4 local standards, won 1 second prize of provincial science and technology award, and 1 first prize of Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences Science and Technology Award.


Sheng Jing
Sun Guofeng
Chen Liugen
Zhang Yuefang
Zhu Puping
Liu Hongjiang
Guo Zhi
Zhou Wei
Zhang Liping
Wang Zichen
Yang Guoying
Yue Qian