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Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) Research and Application - Publication List

1 The fauna structure of benthic macro-invertebrates for environmental restoration in a eutrophic lake using water hyacinths WANG Zhi, ZHANG Zhiyong, ZHANG Junqian, ZHANG Yingying, YAN Shaohua Water Hyacinth
2 Effects of Large-Area Planting Water Hyacinth on Macro-Benthos Community Structure and Biomass Liu Guofeng, Liu Haiqin, Zhang Zhiyong, Zhang Yingying, Yan Shaohua, Zhong Jicheng, Fan Chengxin Water Hyacinth
3 Fate of 15NO3- and 15NNH4+ in the treatment of eutrophic water using the floating macrophyte, Eichhornia crassipes Yan Gao, Neng Yi, Zhiyong Zhang, Haiqin Liu, Shaohua Yan Water Hyacinth
4 Effects of water hyacinth on N2O emission through nitrification and denitrification reactions in eutrophic water Gao Yan, Yi Neng, Zhang Zhiyong, Liu Haiqin, Zou Le, Zhu Huabing, Yan Shaohua Water Hyacinth
5 Eichhornia crassipes cleans wetlands by enhancing the nitrogen removal and modulating denitrifying bacteria community Neng Yi, Yan Gao, ZhiYong Zhang, JunYao Guo, ZhenHua Zhang, ShaoHua Yan Water Hyacinth
6 Ensilaging Water Hyacinth: Effects of Water Hyacinth Compoud Silage on the Performance of Goats BAI Yunfeng, ZHOU Weixing, YAN Shaohua, LIU Jian, ZHANG Hao, JIANG Lei Water Hyacinth
7 Environment Effects of Algae-Caused Black Spots: Driving Effects on the N, P Changes in Water-Sediment Interface LIU Guofeng, SHEN Qiushi, ZHANG Lei, FAN Chengxin, Zhong Jicheng, YAN Shaohua Water Hyacinth
8 Environment Effects of Algae-Caused Black Spots: Impacts on Fe-Mn-S Cycles in Water-Sediment Interface LIU Guofeng, HE Jun, FAN Chengxin, ZHANG Lei, SHEN Qiushi, Zhong Jicheng, YAN Shaohua Water Hyacinth
9 Estimation of N2 and N2O ebullition from eutrophic water using an improved bubble trap device Yan Gao, Xinhong Liu, Neng Yi, Yan Wang, Junyao Guo, Zhenhua Zhang, Shaohua Yan Water Hyacinth
10 Effects of water hyacinth fermentation biogas fluid on ascorbate-glutathione cycle in Chinese cabbage (Brassica chinensis L.) FENG Huifang, XUE Yanfeng, SHI Zhiqi, YAN Shaohua Water Hyacinth
11 Fate of 15NO3 and 15NH4 in the Treatment of Eutrophic Water Using the Floating Macrophyte, Eichhornia crassipes Yan Gao, Neng Yi, Zhiyong Zhang, Haiqin Liu, Shaohua Yan Water Hyacinth
12 Effects of the ecological floating bed on the bacterial community in the Shuangqiao estuary of Chaohu Lake Luo Jia, Han Shiqun, Yan Shaohua, Song Wei, Zhou Qing Water Hyacinth
13 Fertilizer efficiency of Taihu Lake blue-green algae slurry after anaerobic fermentation LIU Haiqin, HAN Shiqun, YAN Shaohua, SONG Wei, HUANG Jianping Water Hyacinth
14 Harmless Disposal and Resources Utilizations of Taihu Lake Blue Algae HAN Shiqun, YAN Shaohua, WANG Zhenyu, SONG Wei, LIU Haiqin, ZHANG Jianqiu, HUANG Jianpin Water Hyacinth
15 Impact factors of photosynthsis energy utilization in the coastal fish ponds of Jiangsu Province HAN Shiqun, YAN Shaohua, ZHANG Jianqiu, Li Guofeng Water Hyacinth
16 Inflences of Suspended Carrier on Anaerobic Digestion Process of Blue Algae ZHOU Qing, YAN Shaohua, SONG Wei, LIU Haiqin, HUANG Jianping, HAN Shiqu Water Hyacinth
17 Influence of C/N Ratio on the Composting Effect and Secure Utilization of Cyanobacteria Jiang Jun, Jin Hongmei, Chang Zhizhou, Du Jing Water Hyacinth
18 Large-scale utilization of water hyacinth for nutrient removal in Lake Dianchi in China: The effects on the water quality, macrozoobenthos and zooplankton Zhi Wang, Zhiyong Zhang, Junqian Zhang, Yingying Zhang, Haiqing Liu, Shaohua Yan Water Hyacinth
19 Life Cycle Assessment of Electricity Production from Water Hyacinth YE Xiaomei, CHANG Zhizhou, DU Jing, YAN Shaohua Water Hyacinth
20 Losses in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium of water hyacinth dehydrated by mechanical press DU Jing, CHANG Zhizhou, YE Xiaomei, HUANG Hongying Water Hyacinth
21 Methane production characteristics of water hyacinth from different water areas Qian Yuting, Ye Xiaomei, Chang Zhizhou, Du Jing, Pan Juncai Water Hyacinth
22 Extraction and purification of phycocyanin from blue algae in Lake Taihu HAN Shiqun, LI Huidong, YAN Shaohua, XIA Mingzhu Water Hyacinth
23 Effects of Cyanobacteria Residue Fertilizer on Soil Jiang Jihui, Yan Shaohua, Chen Wei, Han Shiqun, Liu Haiqin Water Hyacinth
24 Dynamics of photosynthesis in Eichhornia crassipes Solms of Jiangsu of China and their influencing factors Li Xia, Zheng Jianchu, Yan Shaohua, Ren Chenggang, Wang Man, Cong Wei, Sheng Jing, Zhu Puping Water Hyacinth
25 Ecological function of hyacinth and its utilization Zheng Jianchu, Sheng Jing, Zhang Zhiyong, Li Xia, Bai Yunfeng, Ye Xiaomei, Zhu Puping Water Hyacinth
26 Effect of biofilm carrier material on bacterial community structure in eutrophic water Luo Jia, Han Shiqun, Song Wei, Zhou Qing, Yan Shaohua Water Hyacinth
27 Effect of biogas slurry of Eichhornia crassipes on the seedling quality of CHINESE XUE Yanfeng, FENG Huifang, SHI Zhiqi, YAN Shaohua Water Hyacinth
28 Effect of Eichhornia crassipes on Removing Nitrogen and Phosphorus From Eutrophicated Water as Affected by Hydraulic Loading Zhang Zhiyong, Chang Zhizhou, Liu Haiqin, Zheng Jianchu, Chen Liugen, Yan Shaohua Water Hyacinth
29 Effect of exogenus carbon resource on biological denitrification and baterial community structure of eutrophic waters LUO Jia, HAN Shiqun, LUO Hairong, YAN Shaohua, SONG Wei, ZHOU Qing Water Hyacinth
30 Effect of Temperature, Inoculums and Trace Metals on Methane Production from Water Hyacinth YE Xiaomei, ZHOU Lixiang, CHANG Zhizhou, DU Jing, XU Yueding, ZHANG Jianying Water Hyacinth
31 Effect of water content on composition of water hyacinth Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms residue and greenhouse gas emission Shi Linlin, Shen Mingxing, Chang Zhizhou, Wang Haihou, Lu Changying, Chen Fengsheng, Song Hao Water Hyacinth
32 Effects of water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) on release of nitrogen and phosphorus from sediment of Lake Dianchi Wang Zhi, Wang Yan, Zhang Zhiyong, Zhang Junqian, Yan Shaohua, Zhang Yingying, Liu Haiqin Water Hyacinth
33 Effects of combined application of biogas slurry with chemical fertilizers on fruit qualities of Prunus persica L.and soil nitrogen accumulation risk WANG Jidong, GAO Yun, CHANG Zhizhou, ZHANG Yongchun, MA Hongbo Water Hyacinth
34 Dynamic changes in the growth and the AsA-GSH circulation metabolism of Chinese cabbage treated with a biogas slurry of water hyacinth XUE Yanfeng, FENG Huifang, SHI Zhiqi, YAN Shaohua, ZHENG Jianchu Water Hyacinth
35 Effects of engineered use of water hyacinths (Eicchornia crassipes) on the zooplankton community in Lake Taihu, China HuaiGuo Chen, Fei Peng, ZhiYong Zhang, Lei Zhang, XiaoDan Zhou, HaiQin Liu, Wei Wanga, GuoFeng Liu, WenDa Xue, ShaoHua Yan, XiaoFeng Xu Water Hyacinth
36 Effects of Feeding Water Hyacinth Silage on Lambs Fatterning BAI Yunfeng, ZHOU Weixing, YAN Shaohua, LIU Jian, ZHANG Hao, JIANG Lei Water Hyacinth
37 Effects of large-area planting water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) on water quality in the bay of Lake Dianchi Wang Zhi, Zhang Zhiyong, Han Yaping, Zhang Yingying, Wang Yalei, Yan Shaohua Water Hyacinth
38 Effects of N-phenyl-2-naphthylamine on the Seed Germination and Characteristics of Physiology Parameters in Chinese Cabbage Seedlings XUE Yanfeng, FENG Huifang, SHI Zhiqi, LIU Haiqin, YAN Shaohua, ZHENG Jianchu Water Hyacinth
39 Effects of Organic Farming and Special Farming on the Yield and Quality of Four Kinds of Vegetables SHEN Maohua, HE Wenlong, YAN Shaohua, CHENG Huilin Water Hyacinth
40 Effects of Sediment Dredging on Benthos Community Structure and Water Quality in Zhushan Bay Liu Guofeng, Zhang Zhiyong, Liu Haiqin, Zhong Jicheng, Yan Shaohua, Fan Chengxin Water Hyacinth
41 Nitrogen removal from Lake Caohai, a typical ultra-eutrophic lake in China with large scale confined growth of Eichhornia crassipes Zhi Wang, Zhiyong Zhang, Yingying Zhang, Junqian Zhang, Shaohua Yan, Junyao Guo Water Hyacinth
42 Effects of Using Hyacinth Organic Fertilizer on Characteristics of Soil CO2 Emission Shi Linlin, Shen Mingxing, Chang Zhizhou, Lu Changying, Wang Haihou, Song Hao Water Hyacinth
43 Effect of water hyacinth on purification of eutrophic water and nutrients release from sediment ZOU Le, YAN Shaohua, WANG Yan, ZHU Huabing, ZHANG Zhiyong Water Hyacinth
44 Anaerobic Digestion of Water hyacinth Juice in CSTR Reactor YE Xiaomei, ZHOU Lixiang, YAN Shaohua, CHANG Zhizhou, DU Jing Water Hyacinth
45 Microbial and Physicochemical Properties of the Mixture of Water Hyacinth Residue and Excrement through Vermicomposting YU Jianguang, CHANG Zhizhou, LI Ruipeng Water Hyacinth
46 The Diurnal Variation of Photosynthesis of Water Hyacinth Leaves in Different Positions in Summer of Nanjing and Its Ecological Factors Cong Wei, Li Xia, Sheng Jing, Zheng Jianchu, Yan Shaohua Water Hyacinth
47 The Mutual Effect between Phytoplankton and Water Hyacinth Planted on a Large Scale in the Eutrophic Lake ZHOU Qing£¬HAN ShiQun£¬YAN ShaoHua£¬SONG Wei and HUANG JianPin Water Hyacinth
48 The Research on Fertilizer Efficiency of Taihu Lake Cyanobacteria Residue JIANG Jihui, YAN Shaohua, CHEN Wei, HAN Shiqun, LIU Haiqin, SONG Wei Water Hyacinth
49 The Utilization of Hyacinth as Feeds Resource Bai Yunfeng, Zhou Weixing, Zhang Zhiyong, Chang Zhizhou, Yan Shaohua Water Hyacinth
50 Using hexadecyl trimethyl ammonium bromide (CTAB) modified clays to clean the Microcystis aeruginosa blooms in Lake Taihu, China Liu Guofeng, Fan Chengxin, Zhong Jicheng, Zhang Lu, Ding Shiming, Yan Shaohua, Han Shiqun Water Hyacinth
51 Variation of Several Indexes in Fermentation Process of Blue Algae Wang Zhenyu, Han Shiqun, Yan Shaohua, Wang Rongfu, Song Wei, Liu Haiqin Water Hyacinth
52 Water quality effects of two aquatic macrophytes on eutrophic water from Lake Dianchi Caohai Wang Zhi, Zhang Zhiyong, Zhang Junqian, Wen Xuezheng, Wang Yan, Yan Shaohua Water Hyacinth
53 Study on Potentiality of Blue Algae sludge's Dry Fermentation Song Wei, Han Shiqun, Zhou Qing, Liu Haiqin, Li Guofeng, Chang Zhizhou Water Hyacinth
54 A prelininary study of assessing the feasibility of using physiological and biochemical parameters to assess water hyacinth biogas slurry for soaking seeds to improve germination characteristics Xue Yanfeng, Shi Zhiqi, Yan Shaohua, Zheng Jianchu, Chang Zhizhou Water Hyacinth
55 Study on planting and harvest conditions of Eichhornia crassipes for eutrophic water remediation Sheng Jing, Zheng Jianchu, Chen Liugen, Zhu Puping, Zhou Wei Water Hyacinth
56 Apparent removal contributions of Eichhornia crassipes to nitrogen and phosphorous from eutrophic water under different hydraulic loadings Zhang Zhiyong, Zheng Jianchu, Liu haiqin, Chen Liugen, Yan Shaohua Water Hyacinth
57 Biodegradation of Microcystins by Indigenous Mixed Bacterial Population JSM004 YANG Jingdong, YIN Yufen, HU Liangbin, ZHOU Wei, DING Herong, SHI Zhiqi, YAN Shaohua Water Hyacinth
58 Biological characteristics of water hyacinth Wang Zichen, Zhu Puping, Sheng Jing, Zheng Jianchu Water Hyacinth
59 Changes in physical-chemical and microbial properties of rice straw through vermicomposting Yu Jianguang, Chang Zhizhou, Sheng Lei, Zhang Jianying, Du Jing, Xu Yaoding Water Hyacinth
60 Changes of contents of nutrients and microcystins during composting of blue algae Jiang Jun, Du Jing, Chang Zhizhou, Jin Hongmei Water Hyacinth
61 Comparison of biogas production efficiency of anaerobic digestion using water hyacinth and its juice from solid-liquid seperation as feedstock Ye Xiaomei, Chang Zhihou, Qian Yuting, et al. Water Hyacinth
62 Comparison of photosynthetic eco-functions of water hyacinth and their environmental factors in different areas LI Xia, REN ChengGang, WANG Man, CONG Wei, SHENG Jing, ZHU PuPing, ZHENG JianChu, YAN ShaoHua Water Hyacinth
63 Comparison of the Removal Ability of Nitrogen and Phosphorous by Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) in Differently Eutrophic Water ZHANG Zhiyong, LIU Haiqin, YAN Shaohua, CHANG Zhizhou, CHEN Liugen Water Hyacinth
64 15N isotope fractionation in an aquatic food chain: Bellamya aeruginosa (Reeve) as an algal control agent Shiqun Han, Shaohua Yan, Kaining Chen, Zhenhua Zhang, Rengel Zed, Jianqiu Zhang, Wei Song, Haiqin Liu Water Hyacinth
65 Research on sexual reproduction, seed structure and its vigor of Eichhornia crassipes Zhang Yingying, Wu Fuqin, Zhang Zhiyong, Liu Haiqin, Wang Yalei, Wang Zhi, Zhang Junqian, ShenShikang, Yan Shaohua Water Hyacinth
66 Construction and Analysis of a Monascus Fosmid Library Li Yanping, Xu Yang, Ruan Qiongfang, Wei Kangxia, Guo Liang, Yan Shaohua Water Hyacinth
67 Nutrients uptake in eutrophic water and sediment by water hyacinth and cattail Zhu Huabing, Yan Shaohua, Feng Ke, Zou Le, Liu Haiqin, Zhang Zhiyong Water Hyacinth
68 Photosynthetic productivity and the potential of carbon sink in cultivated water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) in Taihu Lake LI Xia, CONG Wei, REN Chengang, SHENG Jing, ZHU Puping, ZHENG Jianchu, YAN Shaohua Water Hyacinth
69 Pilot-scale study on dehydration effect of water hyacinth with different pulverization degree Du Jing, Chang Zhizhou, Ye Xiaomei, Xu Yaoding, Zhang Jianying Water Hyacinth
70 Potential of Methane Production of Blue Algae and Its Feasibility of Fermentation with Anaerobic Baffled Reactor DU Jing, YAN Shaohua, CHANG Zhizhou, HUANG Hongying, QUAN Guixiang, YE Xiaomei, ZHUANG Jianying Water Hyacinth
71 Progress in Anaerobic Digestion of Water Hyacinths HE Jiajun, YAN Shaohua, YE Xiaomei, CHANG Zhizhou Water Hyacinth
72 Purification Effects of Large-Area Planting Water Hyacinth on Water Environment of Zhushan Bay, Lake Taihu Liu Guofeng, Zhang Zhiyong, Yan Shaohua, Zhang Yingying, Liu Haiqin, Fan Chengxin Water Hyacinth
73 Recycling of Aquaculture Wastewater and Reusing the Resources of Redundant Algae Biomass Han Shiqun, Yan Shaohua, Fan Chengxin Water Hyacinth
74 Technology for Anaerobic Fermentation of Blue-Green Algae CHANG Zhizhou, DU Jing, YE Xiaomei, YAN Shaohua, ZHANG Zhenhua Water Hyacinth
75 Remediation effects of experimental project using water hyacinth for pollution control in the Lake Caohai, Dianchi YAN Shaohua, WANG Yan, WANG Zhi, Guo Junyao Water Hyacinth
76 Nitrogen Loss and Technique for Nitrogen Conservation in High Temperature Composting of Hyacinth Wang Haihou, Shen Mingxing, Chang Zhizhou, Lu Changying, Chen Fengsheng, Shi Linlin, Song Hao Water Hyacinth
77 Research on the Growth Characteristics and Accumulation Ability to N and P of Eichhornia crassipes in Different Water Areas of Dianchi Lake Zhang Yingying, Zhang Zhiyong, Wang Yalei, Liu Haiqin, Wang Zhi, Yan Shaohua, Han Yaping, Yang Lian Water Hyacinth
78 Research on the Optimal Model of Crop and Livestock Industry Integration System Based on Environmental Carrying Capacity with Livestock Unit Bai Yunfeng, Tu Yuanlu, Yan Shaohua, Liu Jian Water Hyacinth
79 Response of Photosynthesis of Leaves to Light and Temperature in Eichhornia crassipes in Jiangsu Province Li Xia, Ren Chenggang, Wang Man, Sheng Jing, Zheng Jianchu Water Hyacinth
80 Role of Eichhornia crassipes uptake in the removal of nitrogen and phosphorus from eutrophic waters Zhang Zhiyong, Zheng Jianchu, Liu haiqin, Chen Liugen, Yan Shaohua Water Hyacinth
81 Studies on the Anaerobic Digestion of Water Hyacinth YE Xiaomei, ZHOU Lixiang, YAN Shaohua, CHANG Zhizhou, GAO Bairu Water Hyacinth
82 Study I on Selection of Suitable Region for Controlled Planting of Eichhornia crassipes in the Dianchi Lake Zhang Yingying, Liu Haiqin, Wang Yalei, Zhang Zhiyong, Yan Shaohua, He Feng, Song Renbin Water Hyacinth
83 Study on Characteristics of N2O Accumulative Emission and Its Influencing Factors in the Composting of Water Hyacinth Wang Haihou, Shen Mingxing, Chang Zhizhou, Lu Changying, Chen Fengsheng, Shi Linlin, Song Hao Water Hyacinth
84 Study on cucumber yield and quality and soil nutrients under three different cultural practices Cai Lili, Yan Shaohua, Sun Lianfei, He Wenlong Water Hyacinth
85 Relationship between Water Quality of Surface Water and Biochemical Characters of Cyanobacterial Biomass in the Taihu Lake and The Dianchi Lake DU Jing, QIAN Yuting, XU Yueding, ZHANG Jianying, CHANG Zhizhou Water Hyacinth

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