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On the afternoon of July 17th, 2014, Fu Ziying, vice governor of Jiangsu Province, and his delegation came to visit JAAS and held a forum discussing about international cooperation in agricultural initiating from our academy. All the leaders of JAAS attended the meeting. Secretary Yan Shaohua of CPC (Communist Party of China) Party Committee and Yi Zhongyi, president of JAAS, introduced the basic information and international cooperation in the academy. After the meeting, the vice governor and his delegation inspected National Research Center of Veterinary Biological Engineering and Technology and the Key Laboratory of Agro-products Quality and Safety which were established jointly by Jiangsu Province and Ministry of Science and Technology. He also had friendly talk with scientists at the scene. At the meeting, the vice governor pointed out that Jiangsu Province is now promoting open economic system reform. As a pioneer open policy province in the past, Jiangsu must further broaden the fields of international cooperation and technology and talent exchanges. Agricultural science and technology research is undoubtedly one of the important elements of the reform. As the main leading force in agricultural modernization, JAAS should accurately grasp the new opportunity for the development of scientific and technological innovation, meet the new challenges, further increase opening up, strengthen international exchanges and make greater contributions to the provincial agriculture.   Fu Ziying also emphasized three aspects for JAAS to deepen the international cooperation and exchanges: First to further promote " talent internationalization” with the combination of "sending out" and "bringing in" by jointly establishing graduate school with well-known universities abroad; Secondly, to take more foreign aid projects subsidized by Commerce Department, Ministry of Agriculture and some other ministries to better integrate the advantages of human resources of JAAS into bilateral, multilateral cooperation and exchange activities; furthermore, to enhance the competitive capability in the international cooperation and exchange in seed industry to ensure national grain security. "The rice bowl should be firmly in our own hands." He said.   Fang Wei, deputy secretary general of the provincial government, Huang Xiqiang deputy director of Foreign Affairs Office, the dispatch of the Commerce Department in Nanjing and some others accompanying joined the activity. The leaders of General office, Science and Technology Department and Foreign Affairs Office of the JAAS attended the forum.   :Academy

The image logo of Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences comprises pure green rice panicle, pure blue English name abbreviation of the academy “JAAS” and pure blue Chinese name of the academy. Design thought : 1. Reflect the core value of “open innovation and surefooted and practical” advocated by the academy and its social mission of “lead scientific innovation and support agricultural development”. 2. Reflect the academy’s property of engaging in agricultural research. 3. Reflect the cultural connotation of Chinese character. 4. Reflect modern, abstractive, simple and recognizable artistic design.   Design concept 1. Design elements : Rice panicle, English name abbreviation and Chinese name 2. Main colors : pure blue and pure green Blue : the color of sea with boat sailing and the color of sky with birds flying, symbolizing scientific research, openness and vastitude Green : symbolize life, spring and hope 3. Logo structure : (1) The green rice panicle is consist of abstractive leaves, which is energetic and beautiful and symbolizes agriculture (2) Blue and bold JAAS symbolizes that the Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences is based on scientific research. (3) Blue and bold AA is given artistic connection by a green rice straw and upward sail wing is formed, which has a kind of abstractive beauty. It symbolizes improvement, progress and development. (4) The whole logo has no frame. The artistic combination of blue bold JAAS symbolizing scientific research and green rice panicle symbolizing agriculture indicates that the core value advocated by our academy is “open innovation and surefooted and practical” and the social mission shouldered by us is “lead scientific innovation and support agricultural development”. (5) The Chinese name of the academy and its English name abbreviation that are specially designed are used in the logo, they can be easily recognized and reflect the cultural connotation of Chinese character, unifying with the shape of the logo.   Design characteristics 1. The whole logo has no frame and the structure is steady-going and lifeful. The logo is modern, simple, recognizable and has abstractive beauty. 2. The visual language of the logo reflects the profound connotation of the core value and social mission advocated by JAAS and shows the good image of JAAS in continual innovation, unremitting pursuit and continuous development based on scientific research. :Culture


    On July 22, 2014, a seeing-off ceremony was held for the fourth group of scientists who will carry out cooperative research in the United States and Canada.   JAAS President Yi Zhongyi and Vice President Lu Xiaoxi were invited to the meeting and made important speeches. Chiefs of JAAS administrative sectors, directors of on-campus institutes and the ten scientists to the U.S. attended the meeting.   President Yi Zhongyi pointed out that the youth is the hope of JAAS and the core competence of JAAS is the talents. He hoped the scientists to avail themselves of the opportunity to study the top-notch research methods, enhance the ability of international communication and broaden their academic horizon, especially in American society and agriculture. Vice President Lu Xiaoxi spoke highly of the support provided by the on-campus research institutes and wished a complete success to the ten scientists.   The representatives of previous groups, Wang Ran, deputy director of the Institute of Food Safety and Monitoring, Dr. Zhang Xuehan and Dr. Feng Zhixin from the Institute of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Jin Hongmei from the Institute of Agricultural Resources and Environment shared their experiences of life, study and work in the United States and extended their good wishes to the new trainees.   Dr. Xue Lihong from the Institute of Agricultural Resources and Environment and Dr. Liu Ruixian from the Institute of Industrial Crops delivered speeches on behalf of the fourth group of scientists. Both of them expressed that they would cherish this invaluable opportunity, convert the pressure into motivation, and make efforts to carry out their studies. :Academy