Bilateral Communication and Cooperation

The construction of emerging disciplines has been boosted by project implementation and establishment of cooperation relationship. With respect to the new circumstances and problems in agricultural production, experts were timely organized to conduct Sino-foreign exchanges so as to boost development in related research fields. In regard to the discipline Biological Control of Rice Diseases, Dr. Mew, dean of Plant Disease and Insect Department of the International Rice Research Institute was invited to give lectures, carry out research and cooperation in our academy. In the direction of great "green" industrialization development of the 21st century, pollution-free and residue-free agricultural chemicals were developed, which elevated our academy's research into prevention and control of rice diseases to international advanced level and boosted the development of this discipline. As for the discipline Technology of Rapidly Detecting Agricultural Chemical Residue, the academy has become capable of developing supporting technology for rapid immune detection of small molecules or antigen of agricultural chemicals by introducing talents and technologies. Related labs have been built. The academy has developed rapid immune detection technology of four agricultural chemicals (major pollution sources of China). Particularly, it is the first time to domestically carry out such work of methamidophos and fipronil, which has greatly narrowed the technological gap between China and developed countries in such field.