Azaleas Bloom in Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences (JAAS)

In 2010, our Azaleas were exhibited in Shanghai World Exposition(Fig.1). They have won the gold medal many times in China Rhododendron Exhibition as well as in Jiangsu Provincial Lunar New Year Flower Fair(Fig.2-3).





In the past decades, our research group has collected and maintained more than 300 copies of Rhododendron germplasm including more than 200 copies of Azalea cultivars, 30 cultivars of imported evergreen Rhododendron and 70 copies of different geographical origins evergreen Rhododendron(Fig.4-6). Besides, we also focus on the molecular breeding of Rhododendron and cloned two isoforms of a soluble acid invertase (SAI) gene from Rhododendron hybrid cv. “Yuqilin”, and also investigated their function in flower development by analyzing the expression of their transcripts, enzyme activity and soluble sugar content. The results showed that there were some connections between sucrose metabolism and flower development; and further researches will be conducted.




The flower research group in the Institute of Horticulture in JAAS is currently working on the collection and utilization of ornamental germplasm resources. Our research group has been in charge of more than 20 projects and has published more than 30 papers. Besides, six new varieties have been approved; and seven provincial local standards such as “Technical regulations for tissue culture of Rhododendron”, “Technical regulation for cultivation of green azaleas” have been accomplished.


Recent Publications:

  1. He L, Su J, Liu X, Li C, Chen S. Cloning and Expression of Two Soluble Acid Invertase Gene Isoforms from Rhododendron. J.AMER.SOC.HORT.SCI. 2014,139(2):123–130.