Introduction of National Germplasm Repository for Strawberry (Nanjing)

China National Strawberry Germplasm Repository (Nanjing) was established in early 1980s. Our mission is to collect, preserve, evaluate and innovate strawberry germplasm resources. Currently, the strawberry genebank maintains more than 400 accessions representing 14 strawberry species. They are: Fragaria ananassa Duch., F. vesca L., F. nilgrrensis Schlecht., F. pentaphylla Lozinsk., F. gracilis Lozinsk., F. nubicola Lindl., F. viridis Duch., F. daltoniana Gay, F. mandschurica Staudt, F. orientalis Lozinsk., F. moupinensis (Franch) Card., F. corymbosa Lozinsk, F. virginiana Duch, F. chiloensis Duch.


National Strawberry Germplasm Repository in Nanjing


Germplasm of unique clonal genotypes has been maintained as living specimens in the field. Seeds of wild species and backup plants are preserved by tissue culture or cryogenic storage of the clones. A reliable protocol for the cryopreservation of strawberry shoot tips has been established.


Conservation in Vitro-Cultured at 25 ℃   Cryopreserved in Liquid Nitrogen
  Longer Conservation in Vitro-Cultured at 4-10 ℃


Morphological and agronomic characters, fruit quality, earliness, resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses, and some other germplasm were identified and evaluated. These phenotypic and genotypic traits are documented in the National Germplasm Resources Information database.

Descriptors and Data Standard for Strawberry


Strawberry Genetic Diversity


New methods were developed and used to identify these germplasm accessions.

Determination of Vitamin C, Sugars and Organic Acids in Strawberry by High Performance Liquid Chromatographic (HPLC)

Head Space-Solid Phase Micro-extraction and Determination of the Essential Volatile Compounds of Strawberry Varieties by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry

Ploidy Estimation in Fragaria Species by Flow Cytometry

A Scanning Electron Microscope Survey of Fragaria Species Pollen

Development of EST-Derived SSR Markers for Strawberry and Application in Strawberry Genetic Diversity Analysis


The excellent and special germplasm accessions were selected.


Conventional hybridization, anther culture, variation screening, in vitro embryo culture and transformation were also applied in strawberry innovation. Many new strawberry varieties have been released and promoted the strawberry industry in China.

Ning Yu (JAAS)
Parents: Sachinok×Akihime
Features: Early Ripening, High Yield and High Adaptability
Fruitshape: Conical, Red, Shiny, Beautiful Appearance.
Taste :Sweet, Fragrant, Soluble Solid Content 10.7%,
Size: Average Fruit Weight 15.5g, Yield 318g per Plant
Specificity: Less Deformed Fruit, Tolerance to Heat and Cold, Resistance to Anthracnose
Zi Jin Hong (JAAS)
Parents: Benihope×FenHongXiongMao
Features: Earliness, Red Flower,
Fruit shape: Conical, Red, Shiny,
Taste: Sweet and Sour Flavor,
Size: Large Fruit, Average Fruit Weight 15.6g
Specificity: Resistance to Powdery Mildew
Suitable for Sightseeing and Fresh Taste


Material transferring certification is needed prior to distribution of strawberry resources. Samples of more than 200 accessions are distributed annually to both national and international researchers.


These collections preserve botanical treasures as well as the Chinese strawberry heritage for now and for future generations, not only for China but also for the world.



This work was subsidized by Crop Germplasm Resources Protection Project of China (NB2011-2130135-07), Chinese Crop Germplasm Resources Platform (Strawberry and Peach Germplasm Resources Platform).


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