JAAS Vice President Yu Wengui Inspected Jinhu Agricultural Development

<p>JAAS Vice President Yu Wengui Inspected Jinhu Agricultural Development</p>


JAAS Vice President Yu Wengui inspected modern agricultural development of Jinhu County on July 17th, 2014. He proposed the instructions for strengthening the cooperative ties between JAAS and local government to promote local vegetable industry development. Deputy Secretary Zhang Feng of CPC (Communist Party of China) Party Committee and Deputy Director Li Pengxia of Jinhu County accompanied the inspection.

VP Yu first listened to the work report about the agricultural development given by Li Pengxia, and then went to QianYilian Agricultural Scientific and Technological Park, Hesheng Lotus Industry, Yunxi Agricultural and Sideline Vegetable Production Base for the inspection. VP Yu inquired in detail about the current situation and the plan of the vegetable industry development in Jinhu County. He demanded that the extension professionals should play an active role in bringing new varieties and elite technologies to the countryside and accelerating local vegetable industry restructuring.