Graduate education center

The Graduate Education Center is an educational organization for cultivating graduate students. It was officially established by Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Science along with Nanjing Agricultural University in December, 2004.

The Graduate Education Center aims at giving full use of the advantages of both the institutions of higher learning and research academies, promoting close cooperation in cultivating talents, and providing opportunities for high level talents in the principle of complementation and mutual development.

Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Science and Nanjing Agricultural University have taken measures to implement the education program by setting up an Administration Commission responsible for making vital decisions and coordinating projects, and six Graduate Students Commissions in charge of developing curriculum and enrolling students.

Ever since its establishment, the Center has drawn close attention from administrators at the higher level, and is operating in an organized way. The center is very strong in its resources for cultivating and supervising graduate students. The four major branches for the graduate curriculum are agriculture, science, engineering and management with ten primary sub-divisions, namely: Crop Science, Plant Protection, Utilization Science of Agricultural Resources, Environmental Science and Engineering, Food Science and Engineering, Animal Husbandry, Veterinary Sciences, Gardening and Management of Agricultural Economy. Currently the Center holds eight doctoral supervisors, 67 graduate supervisors and over 200 enrolled students.