Postdoctoral Programme

The post-doctoral research station of JAAS was founded in December 2001.

The research station develops the work in post-doctorate recruitment and management based on agricultural technical innovations since its founding. It has successively recruited 42 post-doctorate researchers in such disciplines as crop genetics and breeding, plant culture, horticulture, food safety and processing, plant protection, veterinarian, animal reproduction and agricultural resource environment. More than 30 of them have obtained China's post-doctoral science fund and the fund for Jiangsu post-doctoral scientific research projects and Jiangsu post-doctoral researchers. Now there are 35 post-doctorates.


The research station accepts the post-doctorate application all year around. The personnel below 40 who have obtained domestic or foreign doctor's degree within recent 5 years, have excellent conduct and studies and excellent health conditions can apply for coming to the station to perform post-doctoral research. Foreign scientists, technicians, and those returning to China after studying abroad will be employed preferentially. The serving personnel who can fully release from work also can apply for coming to the station. We will provide the post-doctorate working in the station with the annual pay of RMB 50, 000 Yuan, scientific research funds of RMB 100, 000 Yuan and good working and living conditions.

The station boasts outstanding tutor cooperation team, important scientific research projects and advanced instrument and equipment, which provides a good platform for post-doctorate to fully exert their abilities. Welcome to work in the post-doctoral research station of JAAS.

Address: No. 50, Zhongling Street, Xiaolingwei, Nanjing, Jiangsu, PRC 210014
Contact person: Personnel Department of JAAS Chen Guoping
Tel.: 025-84390040
Fax: 025-84390041