Luhe Animal Sciences Station



Luhe Animal Sciences Station is located at Zhuzhen Town, Liuhe District, Nanjing City. The total area is about 2,800 mu. The station is about 73 km (50 minutes’ drive) from JAAS main campus. The station takes Jinci Reservoir and Hongyang Reservoir as the water source, and it has 2,100 mu for gravity irrigation; the terrain is flat and land is fertile in the basic farmland reserve; it relies on Jinci Mountain at the boundary of Jiangsu and Anhui, and the conditions for animal epidemic prevention and segregation are excellent. Now it has completed construction of experiment facilities, including test piggery for 10,000 thousand pigs, test goat farm for 10,000 goats, test hare farm for 10,000 cage positions and water conservancy project for 2,000 mu of land for scientific research and production, research center for agricultural product processing engineering and technique, technical research center for agricultural waste resource, fodder processing plant, etc..