Lishui Plant Sciences Station


Lishui Plant Sciences Station is located at Baima Town, Lishui County, Nanjing City. The total area is about 1,500 mu, including about 2/5 irrigated land and about 3/5 dry land and uncultivated land. The station is about 62 km (40 minutes’ drive) from JAAS main campus. The station is located at the downstream of Baimahu Reservoir, the water source is very sufficient, the water quality is excellent, the irrigation is relatively convenient, the soil condition is relatively good and the comprehensive production capacity is comparatively high. It is suitable for the plantation of rice, wheat, Chinese cabbage, cotton, vegetable and fruit tree, and it can meet the requirements for scientific tests, such as those of grain crops, industrial crops, horticultural crops, ecological agriculture, plant protection and soil fertilization, etc..