President's Address

Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences (JAAS) is an agricultural research institution with historical heritage. It is located at the eastern suburb of beautiful Nanjing, the ancient capital of six dynasties. Founded in 1932, JAAS has experienced historical changes, and created glorious achievements in agricultural development. With the innovations of several generations of scientists, JAAS has made enormous progress in a wide variety of subjects including agricultural research, extension, demonstration and education. It is playing a key role in the development of agriculture and rural economy in China. We are making better use of our strengths and intensifying the reform in scientific and technological innovations. We are closely following the domestic and international trends of development in agricultural science, and accelerating the construction of modern agricultural science innovation system and the new round of discipline adjustment. We are creating a research-oriented atmosphere with rational organization structure, clear goals, flexible mechanism and efficient management. We are building a competitive, efficient and cooperative research team to enhance innovation capability, to expand application capabilities, and to improve service capabilities. We are also providing substantial support to the development of modern agriculture with Chinese characteristics and Jiangsu characteristics in hope of making remarkable contributions to the agricultural science progress and the construction of a well-off society. In the new century, the goal of JAAS is to develop modern agriculture and to construct new socialist country.