"Jinlingjintao" : a new ornamental peach variety

The new ornamental peach variety "Jinlingjintao" passed acceptance checks by experts from Jiangsu Agricultural Commission (JAC) on March 30, 2014.
Peach blossoms top all other spring flowers in China and many places of the country hold Peach Blossom Festivals every year. The ornamental peach trees and blossoms have also been taken into consideration in city planning and scenic spots construction.

"Jinlingjintao" is bred by the seedlings of "Hongfenjiaren", another peach variety developed by the Institute of Horticulture of JAAS. JAC experts listened to the breeding reports made by JAAS scientists and toured around the peach germplasm nurseries. They said that, "Jinlingjintao" is a highly valued peach variety in ornamental uses and genetic researches, for there are different shades of colors in the flowers, fruits, leaves and stems respectively.