Wheat variety Ningmai 13 selected as the main planting cultivar in Jiangsu and Anhui
According to the recommended crop cultivars lists recently issued by Jiangsu Agricultural Commission, JAAS wheat variety Ningmai 13 was selected again as the main spring wheat cultivar in Jiangsu and Huai’an in 2014.
Ningmai 13 exhibits desirable performance in yield, quality, disease and lodging resistances and receives high praise from farmers and consumers. It has been selected as the main wheat cultivar in Jiangsu and Anhui for several consecutive years and constantly refreshed the yield record since the extension. In the regional tests in 2008 and 2011, Ningmai 13 created the records of 562 and 621 kilograms per mu. In the year 2014, the Tomorrow Seeds is collecting the yield data and looking forward for a new record high.