JAAS New Japonica Rice Variety Nanjing 9108 Won the 1st Prize of National Good-Taste Rice
Nanjing 9108, a new japonica rice variety developed by the Institute of Food Crops of JAAS, won the 1st prize of eating quality in China. JAAS received this good news from the 11th Japonica Rice Development Forum and National Good-Taste Rice Convention, which was held in Changchun from August 19 to 20, 2013.
The 11th Japonica Rice Development Forum and National Good-Taste Rice Convention was sponsored by North Rice Science and Technology Society and coordinated by Northeast Institute of Geography and Agroecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Director Wang Cailin of the Institute of Food Crops of JAAS attended the meeting as the head of the evaluation committee. The Convention exhibited a total of 18 varieties, taking Wuyujing No. 3 as the standard variety and Japanese high quality rice variety Yueguang as compared variety. Nanjing 9108 ranked second among all the varieties.
Nanjing 9108 is a hybrid japonica rice variety with late maturity. It combines the high grain quality of its female parent Wuxiangjing 14 and tenderness of its male parent Kanto 194. After quality selections and molecular marker-assisted selections of rice stripe virus resistance and half-waxy genes, Nanjing 9108 was successfully bred by the Institute of Food Crops of JAAS, featured by tight plant type, desirable maturity and lodging resistance. The cooked rice is delicate, crystal, tender and smooth.
The Institute of Food Crops of JAAS has developed new japonica rice varieties Nanjing 46 and Nanjing 5055 in 2008 and 2011, a middle-maturing late japonica and an early-maturing late japonica, and both are adaptable in Jiangsu Taihu Lake, southern Jiangsu and coastal areas. Nanjing 9108 is selected again as one of national good-taste rice after Nanjing 46 and Nanjing 5055, 2 to 3 days earlier of maturing than Huai Rice 9 and a late-maturing middle japonica. It is adaptable in southern Huaihe area and can meet the demand of central Jiangsu for good taste japonica rice.