JAAS elite japonica rice variety Nanjing 46: winner of gold prize for superior taste
JAAS elite japonica rice variety Nanjing 46 won the gold prize for superior taste in the contest organized by Jiangsu Seed Industry Society and Jiangsu Broadcasting Cooperation on January 17, 2014. Apart from rice experts, Nanjing citizens were also invited to taste the competing rice varieties.
17 high quality rice varieties (cultivars) from 10 research institutes and 7 seed enterprises were selected for the contest. All varieties are the major extension varieties in Jiangsu, most of which have passed the acceptance checks by national or provincial authorities in recent years.

The experts graded the rice varieties in appearance, flavor, cooking quality and taste. In the end, 7 rice varieties won the gold prize, including Nanjing 46 by JAAS, Nanjing 5055 by Jiangsu Hongqi Seed Ltd., Nanjing 9108 from Jiangsu High-tech Seed Ltd.. Among them, Nangjing 46 topped experts grading and public ballots.
During the contest, the experts redressed the misconception among the consumers that Jiangsu rice were not as good as the rice produced in northeast China. The winners of the gold prize Nanjing 46, Nanjing 5055 and Nanjing 9108, were to catch up with or even already surpassed the world's most recognized rice variety “Yueguang” in Japan.