Third New Vegetable Varieties and New Technologies Demonstrations and Cooperation Seminar Successfully Held

Third New Vegetable Varieties and New Technologies 
Demonstrations and Cooperation Seminar Successfully Held

In order to further demonstrate the scientific innovation in vegetable research of JAAS, promote transforming the new varieties of vegetables and application of new technologies and strengthen the collaboration among industry, education and research, the Institute of Vegetable and Intellectual Property Office of JAAS jointly hosted the third “New Vegetable Varieties and New Technologies Demonstrations and Cooperation Seminar” in Luhe Animal Science Base on June 12th 2014. Yu Wengui, vice president of JAAS, Chen Hongqiang, Director of the Rural Affairs Division, Jiangsu Science and Technology Department, Jiang Xuezhong, director of Science and Education Department of Jiangsu Provincial Agricultural Committee, Zhou Zhenxing, Deputy Director of Horticulture Department, Zhang Yuming, the leader of S3eed station attended the meeting. The total attendants were about 100 from more than twenty enterprises including Anhui Jianghuai Horticultural Seed Industry Company, Shanghai Zhongdu Seed Company, Shanghai Huihe Seed Company, etc.  The leaders of Scientific Research Department Intellectual Property Rights Department, Technical Service Division and Luhe Animal Science Base, reporters from Xinhua Daily, Yangzi Evening News, Modern Express, Jiangsu Agricultural Science and Technology News and some other news media attended the meeting. Wang Weiming, director of Institute of Vegetables, Yang Xinping Secretary of IVC CPC Branch, deputy directors Zhao Tongmin and, Chen Xin attended the meeting as well.
The delegates observed the display of new varieties and new cultivation technologies of eggplant fruits, melons, beans and some other crops. Most of the species in the demonstration are the new achievements in JAAS innovative breeding: Sumi No.8 watermelon won the first prize in the first year of "Jiangsu Good Variety" watermelon tasting competitions in the precocious little fruit group and also won the first prize in Hengxi watermelon Festival in Jiangning District of Nanjing. Tomato named “Jinling Dream” with jade cherry shape grows well, with good fruit, high uniformity, good quality, which fascinated a number of enterprises; Still some other varieties, such as the Su family chili pepper, beans, beans series, eggplants of Su Qi series, Xiuyu bitter gourd varieties NO.3 were very gratifying in the field. The successful application of full nutrient medium cucumber, melon cultivation attracted great interest of the participants.
Vice President of JAAS Yu Wengui affirmed the achievements of new vegetable varieties innovation and technological innovation in the last few years and pointed out that the Demonstration was only the first step in the development of new varieties and cultivation technology, further efforts should be made to promote the cooperation with corporate division both after co-bred varieties and the pre-intervention. The Demonstration should improve the openness and qualities, with the combination of promotion.
Yang Xingping hosted the meeting; and Wang Weimin, director of IVC, expressed at the meeting that the demonstration of new varieties and new technologies, which have a certain impact on the production and market already, was just the beginning of the scientific achievements transformation. It truly becomes the main varieties of market through market testing. In addition to an exclusive license, general license, commissioned breeding, multi-form and multi-channel cooperation will be carried out to promote the market visibility of vegetables varieties. Zhao Tongmin briefly introduced about more than 30 vegetables varieties cultivated in the Vegetable Research Institute in the past five years that presented at the demonstrations. Leaders from Jiangshu Vegetable Seed Company, Shanghai Zhongdu Seed Company also spoke at the meeting.
Finally, contracts were signed at the meeting between Intellectual Property Office of JAAS and Yan Cheng Mei Nong Eco-agriculture Corporation, Shi Chuan Zhong Du Seed Corporation, Chong Qin San Qian Seed Corporation for fruit cabbage franchise chain strategic cooperation.