"Ningxiang 1A"—New CMS Line Indica Self-bred by the Institute of Food Crops Won Variety Approval
Experts of Jiangsu Crop Varieties Approving Committee examined “Ningxiang 1A”— new WA Type CMS Line indica self-bred by Director Wang Cailin of the Institute of Food Crops on August 28, 2013.
The experts included Prof. Ding Yanfeng, Vice President of Nanjing Agricultural University, Prof. Dai Zhengyuan of Lixiahe Agricultural Sciences Institute, Prof. Sheng Shenglan of Zhenjiang Agricultural Sciences Institute, etc.. After listening to the breeding report of the research group, examining the performance of CMS line planting and hybrid seed production, and microscopic examining the fertility of its pollen, the experts reached a consensus that CMS line “Ningxiang 1A” had showed stable sterility, favorable flowering habits and high yield; therefore, they all agreed that it won the variety approval.
 “Ningxiang 1A” was sowed in Nanjing on May 10. It took 85 days from sowing to earing. The average plant height was 75.5 cm, with 15 main stem leaves. The stem was straight, upright, and thick. The leaf sheaths were green. Also, the variety had a high tillering ability and panicle rate. Another new hybrid indica variety “N You 288” with this CMS line has participated in the 2013 Jiangsu Hybrid Indica Production Test.