JAAS held the Fourth Fun Sports Games

JAAS held the Fourth Fun Sports Games

Aimed at launching a physical fitness campaign and cerebrate the International Workers' Day (also known as May Day), JAAS Union held the Fourth Fun Sports Games on April 28, 2011. There were altogether 530 participants from 22 union branches from different departments and institutes.

The player gathered at the playground of the Institute of Industrial Crops at 9:00 am and all events started in different arenas as soon as Prof. Yang Xinning, assistant to president of JAAS and chairman of JAAS Union, announced the opening of the sport games.

In the gym center at JAAS, the traditional fun sports events such as rope skipping and shuttlecock kicking aroused many participants' interest. There were always good records constantly emerging of the woman competitors. The man competitors, on the other hand, refused to admit being inferior and showed their competence in these activities. In the playground of the Institute of Industrial Crops, the participants in the "volleyball enclosure game" tried every means to kick the ball into the enclosed area with a stick in their hands. Players in the game "Six feet, one walk" cooperated closely with their partners. Three players in each group walked just like a single person though their feet were tied with those of the other two. In basketball spot shooting and darts match, many participants shot with nearly unfailing accuracy. The whole playground rang with laughters, cheers and screams.


After the intense competition, the winners of all events were determined and the fun sports games came to an end. The fun sports games keep JAAS researcher physically active as well as entertained.