JAAS Vice President Lu Xiaoxi attended the provincial symposium on industry-university-research cooperation


Headed by Deputy Director Chen Jinpei of the Education, Science, Culture and Public Health Committee of the National People's Congress, a delegation made an academic visit to Jiangsu for industry-university-research cooperation. Organized by Jiangsu Provincial People's Congress,  representatives from Jiangsu Education Department, Jiangsu Science and Technology Department, Southeast University, Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences (JAAS) and some enterprises attended the symposium.


JAAS Vice President Lu Xiaoxi was invited to the symposium and introduced JAAS practice and progress in industry-university-research cooperation. JAAS has been independently formulating innovation strategies to improve research capabilities, cooperate with universities at home and abroad to strengthen talent fostering and extend technical service to create a new pattern of  industry-university-research cooperation. She expressed her dedication to push forward further cooperation and proposed that the key scientists and directors should become shareholders in enterprise restructuring.