Approved NSFC research proposals of JAAS Keep Increasing


Recently, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) has announced its 2011 project evaluation results. 32 research proposals of JAAS, including 6 general projects and 26 projects for young scholars, were approved with a total grant of 9,750,000 yuan. Compared with previous data, approved research proposals and funds are keeping increaing, with the funding rate of 24.2% for projects for young scholars, higher than previous national averages. The approval, including the funds, undoubtedly creates a favorable situation for the consolidation and update of JAAS research work during the Twelfth Five-Year Plan Period.


NSFC is one of the important providers for basic research funds and it is available to all qualified applicants from nationwide research institutes, universities, etc. Being funded by NSFC is also an important criteria of the research competence for relevant units.


In recent yeas, the JAAS administration have placed great emphasis on the organization and application of NSFC programs, stressed repeatedly the importance of basic research in the new era and launched a comprehensive package of policies and measures to stimulate sustainable creativity among JAAS scientists and technicians.


On the other hand, JAAS has been carrying out a talent plan. The plan has effectively optimized the talent structure and given full play to the functions of talent reserve. All these lead to the increasing number of projects for young scholars.


The institutes responds actively to the urgent demands of the JAAS administration. Centering on their own research strengths and stimulating the enthusiasm among the scientists and technicians, the institutes filed altogether 152 NSFC applications, 50% higher than that in 2010.


The Research Management Division plan ahead for the applications, provide thorough services, strengthen communication with the project administrative sectors, and study thoroughly the new policies and requirements for the NSFC projects. The Division also invites famous experts home and abroad to pre-evaluate the projects and ensure the applicants to pass the first round project evaluation and selections.


No pains, no gains. Since 2008, JAAS has obtained 66 NSFC projects being approved, with a grant of 18, 800, 000 yuan. Both the number of approved projects and granted funding rank top in the provincial agricultural academies. The approved projects cover all disciplines of the institutes, and among them, plant protection and veterinary medicine have gradually become the advantage research group. There also merge a pack of outstanding research teams in biological protection of plant diseases and viruses, poultry disease prevention ad control, treatment of water pollution, etc.