First Provincial Academic Symposium Held at JAAS

First Provincial Academic Symposium Held at JAAS


The first provincial academic symposium was held at JAAS on the morning of December 17, 2010. This academic symposium marked the beginning of the first Jiangsu academic activity month. Academician Zhao Qiguo of Chinese Academy of Sciences was invited to make a plenary talk on low-carbon agriculture. The symposium was presided over by President Yan Shaohua of JAAS, chairman of Jiangsu Agriculture Association. Vice-chairman Zhang Tieheng of Jiangsu Association of Science & Technology attended the symposium.

This December is the first month of Jiangsu natural science academic activities. This symposium was jointly hosted by JAAS and Jiangsu Agriculture Association, coordinated by Jiangsu Livestock & Veterinary Medicine Association, Jiangsu Atomic Energy Association, Jiangsu Plant pathology Association, Jiangsu Plant Physiology Association, Jiangsu Entomology Association and Jiangsu Horticulture Association.

Academician Zhao Qiguo has long been engaged in soil geography and resource researches. With the method of system summary, he put forward many planning and development proposals in soil division treatment, degraded soil improvement, soil ecology and environment evaluation. Starting from the perspective of pursuing harmony between human and nature, he centered around two aspects of low-carbon agriculture and elaborated on how to develop low-carbon, ecological and recycling agriculture. He also pictured the success after the realization of low-carbon agriculture in Jiangsu. Researchers and students were active in raising questions in the interaction after the report.



More than 300 representatives from over 30 institutions such as the General Office of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, Jiangsu Association of Science & Technology, Nanjing Agriculture University, Yangzhou University, Jinling Science & Technology College and Nanjing Agriculture Association attended the symposium. Several major mass media including Xinhua Daily, Yangzi Evening made relevant reports and interviews. Vice-chairman Zhang Tieheng praised the symposium as priority-oriented, well-organized and in great order. As one of the leading groups in Jiangsu Association of Science & Technology, Jiangsu Agriculture Association has been strengthening construction, enhancing innovation capability and making substantial contribution to modern agriculture in Jiangsu.