Sihong County Watermelon and Melon Installation Production Directed by Academician Wu Mingzhu
In recent days (at the latter part of April to be sure), the nationally renowned watermelon and melon specialist, academician Wu Mingzhu of the Chinese Academy of Engineering was invited to survey and direct the Watermelon and Melon Installation Base in Weiying Town and in Dianhu Villiage of Shangtang Town of Sihong County respectively. Academician Wu who had been at the advanced age walked in the fields, entered the greenhouses, examined meticulously the growth of the watermelon and melon seedlings, and instructed patiently the planting and cultivating skills to the technicians and the peasants. When it comes to such technical difficulties as watermelon and melon watermelon wilt disease and prevention and field fertilizer and water management concerned by the peasants, Academician Wu gave the comprehensible and detailed answers and the hand-on demonstration and made the considerable benefits to the local peasants. Related personnel from Division of Science and Technology Administration and Institute of Vegetations of JAAS and Poverty-Relief Team of Jiangsu Provincial Government Committee in Sihong County accompanied Academician Wu on the visit.