JAAS Attended the 12th Jiangsu International Agriculture Exposition

JAAS Attended the 12th Jiangsu International Agriculture Exposition


The 12th Jiangsu International Agriculture Exposition had its grand opening on September 27, 2010 in Wuxi, Jiangsu. The exhibition theme of JAAS this year is "agriculture independent innovation". 69 high quality agriculture products of 12 categories were exhibited and praised by Huang Lixin, standing member of Jiangsu Committee of Communist Party of China and vice governor of Jiangsu province. The visitors to the expo also showed great interest in JAAS products.

JAAS has placed great emphasis on the preparation for this expo. President Yan Shaohua listened to the report of the preparation group and gave direct instructions. He demanded that the theme of JAAS should center around independent innovation and technology service. Under this guideline, Vice President Chang Youhong organized a series of meetings with departments involved. After discussions and rehearsals, all preparation work was finished before September 21, 2010. The layout work for 18 exhibit areas of 162 square meters was completed ahead of September 27, 2010.

During this expo, achievements of JAAS were displayed in the form of pictures, real objects and DVD, etc. The pictures mainly showed JAAS achievements in independent innovation, technology transfer and extension service. JAAS distributed samples of Nanjing 46, fresh corns, glutinous wheat, sweet potato, Suzhong pork and other agriculture products. Chinese orchids, ornamental ferns, colored peppers, colored cotton, local beans were on display.  DVD broadcasted the construction and achievement of JAAS.
Accompanied by Vice President Chang Youhong, Vice Governor Huang Lixin came to JAAS exhibit hall after the opening ceremony. She listened with great interest to the introductions of Ning Glutinous wheat No.1 and tasted the most delicious rice—Nanjing 46 as well as other agriculture products. She watched the traceability system demo for agriculture product safety and tested the system for vegetable safety in person. 

In the exhibition area of processed agriculture products, Vice Governor Huang picked up a bottle of cordyceps sinensis and asked for detailed information. On seeing the integrative machine with touch screen designed by the Institute of Agriculture Economy and Information, Vice Governor Huang inquired about the function, usage and price. She hoped such an information service terminal can be in extensive use in the countryside. After visiting JAAS exhibit hall, Vice Governor Huang spoke highly of JAAS exhibits and acknowledged JAAS adequate preparation.
Agriculture products with high quality on display from JAAS were the highlight of this expo and received tremendous attention. The products on the taste stand in particular, including rice, corn, sweetpotato, vegetables and processed products, were tasted and sold. Some enterprises came to negotiate for cooperation in the fields of crops, vegetables and agriculture product processing.

The 12th Jiangsu International Agriculture Exposition was hosted by the provincial government to show the new investment environment and modern achievements in agriculture, especially in the countryside. The expo helped to increase the use of foreign investment, continue the opening-up of agriculture and enhance international competitiveness. It was a grand meeting to promote modern agriculture development and to build new countryside with Chinese characteristics.