JAAS Directors Visited Local Agriculture Research Stations

JAAS Directors Visited Local Agriculture Research Stations

Secretary of Party Committee of JAAS Zhao Xihua and Vice President Chang Youhong paid a visit to local agriculture research stations in Changzhou, Suzhou, Nantong on February 1 and 2. It is a part of national mission to implement the guidelines to strengthen the construction of agricultural innovations and to get a first-hand information about the development of local agriculture research.

Secretary Zhao and President Chang listened to the reports from the directors of Wujin Rice Research institute, Agriculture Research Institutes in Zhang Jiagang, Changshu, Haimen as well as Nantong Vegetable and Flower Research institute. They also visited the demonstration stations and knew more about the construction of local agricultural research stations.

According to local conditions, these local research stations adjust their research directions to survive market competition. For instance, after integrating the research strengths of Wujin Rice & Wheat Original Breeding Farm, Wujin Rice Research Institute successfully bred a couple of new crop varieties, such as Wuyugeng No.3 and Wuyungeng No.21. In this way, Wujin Rice Research Institute is now claiming a place in rice production throughout the province. New indica rice varieties, Changyou No.1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4, from Changshu Agriculture Research Institute become the popular cultivars in South Jiangsu. A remarkable progress has also been made in muskmelon breeding of Haimen Agriculture Research Institute and flower culture of Nantong Vegetable & Flower Research Institute. The seed &seedling industry is booming there.

Secretary Zhao Xihua stressed that development of a networked agriculture research system is the consistent requirement of the provincial government and the committee of Jiangsu province of Communist Party of China. Jiangsu Academy of Agriculture Sciences is a provincial agriculture research center and will help the local research stations to enhance their research and innovation capabilities and make more contributions to modern agriculture.

The members of Scientific Research Department, Crop Research Institute, Vegetable Research Institute, Taihu Lake Research Institute and Yangtze Research Institute also attended this event.