Institute of Plant Protection and Suqian Agricultural Sciences Institute to establish cooperation platform for Plant Protection
To carry out the guidelines of JAAS Work Conference and Proposals on the Development and Reforms of Suqian City issued by the Provincial Government and Party committee, Directors Chen Zhiyi, Wang Zhilin and other 3 delegates of the Institute of Plant Protection made an academic visit to Suqian Agricultural Sciences Institute (SASI) on March 10, 2011. They had a discussion with Deputy Directors Yu Chenggong, Yang Sijun and other scientists in SASI on technology cooperation, construction of MEDC (modern eco-agriculture demonstration city) and service to agriculture, farmers and the countryside.
Director Chen Zhiyi detailed the efforts of the research group of Horticulture Crops Disease and Biological Control in effectively warding off the soil borne pathogens of tomato in Huazhen Town of Shuyang County from 2009 to 2011. She suggested establishments of demonstration stations in Suqian for soil borne pathogens prevention and an integration of education, research and production. SASI directors introduced SASI history, advantage disciplines and expressed their desire to seek support from and cooperation with institutes on the main campus.
Both sides had cooperative intentions on issues like technology programs, talent trainings and others.