JAAS Recognized for Having an Excellent Postdoctoral Research Station
According to the Circular on Results of the Comprehensive Evaluation of Postdoctoral Fellows in 2010 released by the General Office of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MLSS), the Administrative Committee for Postdoctoral Affairs under MLSS conducted in 2010 a comprehensive evaluation of 935 Centers for Postdoctoral Studies and 521 Postdoctoral Research Stations, and altogether 148 Centers and 56 Stations ranked as the Excellent Center/Station. JAAS Postdoctoral Research Station was one of the 56 Stations.

JAAS Postdoctoral Research Station has gained extensive assistance from officials at various levels and relevant departments since its establishment in December, 2001. The Station has recruited 76 postdoctoral fellows so far, among whom 40 have successfully completed their research projects. The fellows have earned 46 national and provincial postdoctoral grants, published over 150 peer-viewed research papers and obtained 4 authorized patents when they work at the Station. At present, the Station has served as an important platform for JAAS to select talents and enhance disciplinary construction, and played a significant role in the sustainable development of JAAS innovative research work.