JAAS Delegation Visited Kenya and South Africa for Agricultural Science and Technology Exchanges

JAAS Delegation Visited Kenya and South Africa for Agricultural Science and Technology Exchanges

At the invitation of Egerton University in Kenya and that of the Faculty of Science and Agriculture, University of Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa, President Zhao Xihua led a delegation of six agriculture scientists and experts for an academic visit to Kenya and South Africa from March 4 to 13, 2011.
The delegation received great hospitality and warm welcome at the University of Egerton. Prof A.K.Kahi, dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, and JAAS President Zhao Xihua made separate introductions of the faculty/academy. Experts of both sides made extensive exchanges on water-saving agriculture, food security, vegetable and seed, production and talent training. Prof A.K.Kahi claimed that the current visit of JAAS was of great benefits for both sides. Their faculty has been in close cooperation with China, especially with Nanjing Agriculture University in scientific research, teaching and talent training. He expressed a desire for collaboration with JAAS in scientific research as well as talent education, especially the education of talents in agriculture extension. After the meeting, the delegation visited the horticulture center, botanical garden, dairy products processing factory and the key laboratories of the University of Egerton.
The history of agriculture research at the University of Kwazulu-Natal dates back to 1950, and received numerous recognitions for its agriculture research. The Faculty of Science and Agriculture attached great importance to the visiting delegation and organized experts in horticulture and food science for a seminar with JAAS. Both sides held constructive discussions about African crop and food safety and the ways to strengthen cooperation. After the seminar, the delegation had a guided tour to the key laboratories of animal breeding and food science.
The visit to Kenya and South Africa marked the first step of JAAS to implement the guidelines of "China-Africa Agriculture Cooperation Forum" and was an opportunity to honor the ties between China and Africa in agriculture research.
meet with university leaders in the University of Egerton, Kenya

visit the breeding station of the Horticulture Research Center of the University of Egerton

visit the dairy product processing factory of the University of Egerton

visit the botanical garden of the University of Egerton and plant a friendship tree