JAAS innovation in Farmer Daily
The two pieces of news “JAAS successfully developed bio-degradable straw flowerpots”, and “Integrated technologies of biological pesticides: overcoming continuous-cropping obstacles of protected tomatoes”, co-authored by JAAS Information Center for Agricultural Science and Technology and journalists of Farmer Daily, have drawn the public attention once again to JAAS innovation and application in actual production. The articles were published in the mainstream websites, such as,,,,, etc., creating a good social impact.
Bio-degradable straw flowerpots in production (segment)
…The research has made innovations in straw pre-treatment, environment-friendly adhesives, hot-pressing molding technology and bio-degradation rules for straw flowerpots. Compared with ordinary flowerpots, the straw flowerpots are lower in cost but better in endurance, with 2 to 3 years for use. The straw flowerpots can keep its shape and color during the cultivation of ornamental flowers and plants. After the flowering period, the pots can still be reutilized or degraded with no residues…
Integrated technologies of biological pesticides: overcoming continuous-cropping obstacles of protected tomatoes
Director Chen Zhiyi, Deputy Director Wang Zhilin of the Institute of Plant Protection, Deputy Director Shao Mingcan of Technical Service Division, Deputy Magistrate Yao Jianzhong of Shuyang County and other scientists made an academic inspection to Dajian Village of Shuyang County on March 11, 2011. The inspection aimed to trace the implementation of the projects of Research and Demonstration of Ecological Controlling the Harm of Continuous-cropping Obstacles in Protected Solanaceous Vegetables and Demonstration and Extension for the Technologies of Ecological Controlling and Preventing Greenhouse Vegetable Diseases.
The Dajian farmers have grown tomatoes for years and their tomatoes gradually become a well-known brand. However, in face of the increasingly serious continuous-cropping obstacles, the farmers find no way out. With the support of Jiangsu Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Fund (JASTIF), the scientists of the Institute of Plant Protection demonstrated the integrated technologies of controlling and preventing continuous-cropping obstacles of protected tomatoes. The technologies integrated biological, agricultural and chemical methods and were extended in 8 greenhouse sheds as experiments in Dajian, with remarkable effects.
During the inspection, the scientists found that, the tomatoes controlled by the integrated technologies exhibited resistance to fusarium wilt and good growth while the untreated tomatoes were on the verge of perishing. A farmer told the scientists that, he was regretful not to take the experiment and the loss of the tomatoes reached 30,000 yuan. Another farmer said he would become a migrant worker again because his tomatoes didn’t take the experiment and got the diseases such as fusarium wilt.
Sorrowful for the villagers, Director Chen Zhiyi proposed that the local agricultural institute arrange relevant personnel to study practical biological pesticide technologies and serve the farmers after coming back. Her proposal was in quick approval from the local officials, who promised to implement it as soon as possible.