2012 annual conference for intellectual property held at JAAS

2012 annual conference for intellectual property held at JAAS

The 2012 annual conference for intellectual property was held at JAAS on March 16, 2012. JAAS President Yan Shaohua, VPs Lu Xiaoxi and Yu Wengui, chiefs of the research institutes and relevant administration staff attended the conference. JAAS VP Yu Wengui chaired the conference, and representatives from Intellectual Property Division and relevant research institutes gave plenary speeches.

President Yan spoke highly of the significance of the conference on intellectual property and called for initiatives to strengthen intellectual property protection and development. Yan stressed that, the scientists should meet the requirements in Proposals to Accelerate Modern Seed Industry Development by the State Council, speed up the transformation in discipline structure and try to creat new competitive advantages. The patents should associate with science and technology while the quality and quantity of patents should also be emphasized. On one hand, the number of patent authorizations should keep on the rise; on the other hand, the development, protection and convertibility of high-tech patent should be enhanced.

Vice President Lu Xiaoxi reviewed the achievements and experiences of JAAS in intellectual property, and pointed out that more challenges and difficulties may be confronted, thus various tasks and objectives should be thoroughly implemented. First, intellectual property should serve agriculture and the nation, and relevant innovations should be emphasized. Second, the communication between different sectors and divisions should be strengthened. Third, talent cultivation should still be reinforced. Forth, publicity is important to increase the influence of the cause of intellectual property.

The speeches made by eight research institutes enhanced communication and cooperation on JAAS intellectual property, pointed out by Vice President Yu Wengui, who also proposed that all research institutes and administration sectors should thoroughly implement the guidelines of the conference and carry out intellectual property protection and development based on the real situations.