JAAS Scientists Visit Xinjiang Province

JAAS Scientists Visit Xinjiang Province

Prof. Wang Cailin, director of the Institute of Food Crops of JAAS led a delegation of scientists to the Institute of Food Crops of Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences (XAAS) and Yili Institute of Agricultural Sciences (YIAS) on June 22, 2012. They were warmly welcomed by XAAS Vice President Mu Kaiyi and Director Wu Xinyuan of the Institute of Food Crops. Scientists from both sides had an in-depth discussion on rice, maize, and sweet potato breeding and planting, as well as the development and extension of new varieties. They reached an agreement on germplasm exchanges and cooperation on seed reproduction.


Accompanied by Deputy Directors Wang Changhong and Huang Jianping of YIAS, JAAS scientists inspected the experiment varieties of rice, maize, wheat, and sweet potatoes and also observed the adaptation of new crops varieties provided by JAAS.

The two science and technology Xinjiang-aid projects undertaken by JAAS—Breeding and Development of High-quality Rice Varieties in Yili Valley Areas and Breeding of New Waxy and Sweet Maize Varieties— move smoothly. In 2012, JAAS provided YIAS with twelve rice lines and more than fifty selected low generations of rice. Yixuan-4 (a rice variety co-developed by both sides) and Suke 2008 (a new JAAS waxy and sweet maize variety) were recommended to participate in the regional test in Xinjiang.

This visit helped JAAS scientists to get informed of the general agricultural development in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, broadened their vision of scientific research, and made them more determined to contribute to Xinjiang agricultural production.