JAAS honored for outstanding contribution to enrich Jiangsu Province during 2010 and 2011
During the provincial conference aimed to alleviate poverty and enrich Jiangsu Province on May 7, 2012, JAAS was honored the title for advanced institution in poverty alleviation in Jiangsu during 2010 and 2011. Yuan Ji, who was sent to Shangtang Town of Sihong County for technical extension, was honored with individual performance of excellence award for his significant contribution to poverty alleviation.
JAAS Vice President Zheng Jianchu made a speech on Supporting Xinangang (one of the lowest-income counties in jiangsu) with Science and Technology during the conference. In his speech, Zheng reviewed JAAS’s efforts in alleviating poverty and enriching Sihong County, with the guidelines of extending technologies, developing industries and enriching farmers. The high-quality rice varieties, facility watermelons and strawberries, edible fungi have been extended with significant income increase for the farmers.