Meeting Held for Science and Technology Cooperation with Taizhou

Meeting Held for Science and Technology Cooperation with Taizhou

Deputy Mayor Wang Bin, joined by CPC Deputy Secretary Mao Zhengqiu and other government officials from Taizhou, made an academic visit to JAAS on August 4, 2012. JAAS President Yan Shaohua, Vice President Chang Youhong, Director Sun Hongwu of General Office, Director Zhou Jiantao of Technical Service Division, Deputy Director Li Sheng of Human Resources Division, and Deputy Director Li Guofeng of Research Management Division received the delegation. Both sides held a meeting on how to promote the agricultural modernization of Taizhou.

Based on the No. 1 Document of Central Government of 2012, JAAS President Yan Shaohua put forward four requirements for the acceleration of the agricultural modernization of Taizhou: first, agricultural science and technology should be listed in a more prominent position. Efficient and rapid development of modern agriculture can only rely on scientific and technological progresses; second, the construction of a technological innovative talent team plays an important role in the agricultural modernization of Taizhou; third, the discipline construction with Taizhou characteristics should be strengthened, and strategic agricultural restructuring should be promoted to create a longer collaborative agricultural industrial chain; finally, agricultural technological innovation system and technical service system should be improved to solve key technological problems that may arise during the process of agricultural modernization.

JAAS Vice President Chang Youhong briefed JAAS, as well as the major achievements of the scientific innovation and technical service during China’s 11th Five-Year Plan (2006-2010), to Deputy Mayor Wang Bin’s delegation. He also presented the work plans of JAAS during the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015).

Both sides had an in-depth discussion on future cooperation. Deputy Mayor Wang Bin said the local government would spare no effort to accelerate agricultural innovation and modernization. He hoped to solve the existing problems in talent team construction, research programs, and research funding, etc. with the help of JAAS.