Four JAAS Patents Listed as “Jiangsu Best Inventions and Patents”
"The Selection of Top 100 Best Inventions and Patents of Jiangsu” co-hosted by Intellectual Property Office of Jiangsu Province and Jiangsu Association of Inventions wrapped up recently. Nanjing Intellectual Property Administration selected 275 works from research institutions, universities, hospitals, and some large-scale enterprises to participate in the provincial selection. Finally, 45 were listed as “Top 100 Best Inventions and Patents of Jiangsu”, among which 4 were from JAAS. The number ranked second in Jiangsu. The selection would play an important role in promoting the industrial development after the implementation of the patents, so the originality, novelty, and creativity of the patents were all taken into consideration. The quality patent must be a technological breakthrough and conducive to the optimization and upgrading of Jiangsu industrial structure, energy-saving and emission reduction, eco-environmental protection, and the improvement of public health. The high rank of JAAS in the selection fully showed our high level of the capability of intellectual property rights creation, utilization, and management, and would drive JAAS patent transformation. The four "Jiangsu Quality Inventions and Patents” were:
1.       A Strain of Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens and Its Application (Chen Zhiyi, Liu Yongfeng, Zhang Rongsheng)
2.       Molecular Marker Closely Linked to Wheat Yellow Mosaic Resistance QTL and Its Application (Ren Lijuan, Zhou Miaoping, Yang Xueming, Yao Jinbao, Ma Hongxiang)
3.       An Avian Influenza Genetic Engineering Polypeptide Antigen (Hou Jibo, Xu Hai, Hou Hongyan)
4.       A Plant Tissue-specific Promoter and Its Application (Fang Xianwen, Yang Yuwen, Zhang Baolong, Gao Yuanyuan)