The Application and Authorization of JAAS New Plant Varieties Topped China
The Department of Science, Technology & Education of the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA, P. R. China) held the National Agricultural Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Training Workshop in Fuzhou on August 10, 2012. China Agricultural Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Creativity Index Report (2012) was officially released at the same time. According to the report, the total amount of JAAS new plant varieties application was 342, while the total amount of authorization reached 180. Both topped all the enterprises and research institutes in China.
Over 100 representatives from the Department of Agriculture of each province, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), some agricultural universities, and academies of agricultural sciences of several provinces attended the workshop. Deputy Director-General Shi Yanquan of the Department of Science, Technology & Education of MoA and CAAS Vice President Wang Ren made keynote speeches on the situation and development of domestic agricultural IPR and foreign agricultural IPR protection. Deputy Director-General Shi Yanquan spoke highly of the creativity, management, and application of JAAS IPR in his speech. Director Sun Hongwu of General Office and Director Ai Yuchun of IPR Division of JAAS attended the workshop. Director Ai Yuchun also made a speech about the management of JAAS IPR. Meanwhile, he, as a group convener, called up representatives from universities and academies of agricultural sciences to discuss and revise the first draft of Guidance of the Ministry of Agriculture on Strengthening Agricultural Intellectual Property Rights.