The Second China•Xinyi Peach Fair

"The Second China·Xinyi Peach Fair" was held on July 1st, 2012 to appreciate, taste, and evaluate the new varieties of peaches. This fair was co-hosted by JAAS, the People's Government of Xinyi and Nanjing Agricultural University. Experts from the Agricultural Technology Extension Center of the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA, P.R.China), Jiangsu Agriculture Commission, Agricultural Resource Development Bureau of Jiangsu Province, Zhengzhou Institute of Fruit Trees of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), People's Government of Xinyi, Nanjing Agricultural University, and JAAS attended the fair. The event received tremendous attention from many media, including People's Daily, Jiangsu Agricultural Science and Technology Paper, Farmer Daily, Economic Daily News, Xinhua Daily, etc.

Experts and journalists visited the peach demonstration parks in Laofan Village, Gaoliu Town and Shandong Village, Shiji Town. They tasted the “Xia Hui 5” peaches developed by the Institute of Horticulture (IoH) of JAAS and spoke highly of the flavor. Also, they praised IoH for improving the Xinyi peach industry level in the past three years, giving guidance to the establishment of twelve peach-specialized cooperation organizations, and increasing the income of nearly 2,000 households of farmers. The field of Xinyi peaches now has been developed to an area of 35,000 mu (23.33 km2). The annual output of fresh peach in Xinyi reaches more than 50,000 tons. Thus, Xinyi is awarded "Hometown of China’s Quality Peach" by China Fruits and Vegetables Industry Brand Forum.
Associate Prof. Liu Guangqin from Institute of Horticulture and Prof. Qu Shenchun from Nanjing Agricultural University are honored as “Xinyi 2012 Peach Industry Service Star”.