Shi Taifeng, deputy secretary of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, visited JAAS

Shi Taifeng, deputy secretary of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, visited JAAS

Shi Taifeng, deputy secretary of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, and directors of Jiangsu Science and Technology Department, Rural Development Leadership Group of Jiangsu Provincial Committee, Jiangsu Farmers and Workers Office, Jiangsu Development and Reform Commission and Jiangsu Finance Department visited JAAS on July 2, 2012. Shi proposed that JAAS should start at a new historical starting point (80th anniversary of JAAS in 2012), promote science and technology innovation, enhance technical services, and strengthen team building to make more contributions to agriculture modernization.

Shi spoke highly of JAAS achievements and contributions to Jiangsu agriculture development and at the same time presented his proposals for JAAS.
First, science and technology innovation should be accelerated, especially the breakthroughs of the cutting edge techniques. Elite crop varieties and relevant cultivation management with independent intellectual property rights should extend to all agricultural areas. High-level innovation platforms construction should be continued, including National Agricultural Science and Technology (Jiangsu) Innovation Center, national and provincial key laboratories, etc. And the discipline adjustment should cater to the needs of Jiangsu economic and social needs, especially the needs of agriculture modernization.

Second, technical services should be promoted with an optimized service system. High-efficiency agricultural projects should be demonstrated with technical integrations, displays, publicities, trainings, etc. The scientists and extension professionals are all encouraged to the countryside, the fields, and the production front lines.

Third, more agricultural technology enterprises with market competence should be founded. The technology enterprises focused on technical transfer and the non-profitable research institutes based on public welfare research should be equally stressed to make JAAS a household brand. More support should be given to seed enterprises with reinforced protection of intellectual property rights.

Fourth and finally, talent introduction and training should still be a priority, especially in the areas of seed-based agriculture, facility agriculture, bio-technology and information technology. At the same time, a great sense of responsibility, persistence, patience and innovation ability should be found among JAAS scientists and technicians.
During the visit, Shi listened to the work report made by JAAS President Yan Shaohua and also inspected the germplasm resource bank, Institute of Plant Protection, National Engineering Center for Veterinary Bio-products, Institute of Food Safety and Monitoring of JAAS.