Outreach Meeting of New Peach Varieties Held in Nanjing

Outreach Meeting of New Peach Varieties Held in Nanjing

The outreach meeting of new peach varieties with independent intellectual properties was held in Nanjing on July 9, 2012. The meeting was chaired by Director Yu Mingliang of the Institute of Horticulture of JAAS and attended by more than 30 extension technicians and large peach-growing households from Jiangsu and Anhui. JAAS Vice President Chang Youhong, Director Chen Hongqiang of Division of Rural Science and Technology of Department of Science and Technology of Jiangsu Province, Director Huang Jun of Research Management Division of JAAS, Prof. Lu Aihua of Jiangsu Agriculture Commission were invited to the meeting and made important speeches.

All the scientists and directors spoke highly of JAAS achievements in peach researches, and suggested that the researchers should take into consideration the needs of modern high-efficiency agriculture, and breed more varieties with different properties to meet the various needs of different consumer groups. Despite the good taste, the juicy peaches have very short shelf-life, therefore the breeding of juicy peaches should be based on the different ripening time of different varieties to cater to the market needs in different periods. At the same time, varieties with high market visibility and preference should be developed. The scientists also proposed a high-efficiency cultivation technology system incorporating fertilization, Pruning and fruit management. In addition, demonstration, extension and publicity should be strengthened to gain more market share and thus contribute to Jiangsu peach industry. 

The meeting demonstrated altogether 12 high-quality peach varieties currently developed by the Institute of Horticulture. The large peach-growing households appreciated the extended Xiahui 6, Xiacui and other varieties in and outside Jiangsu Province, and also showed great interest in the other exhibited varieties, such as juicy peach varieties 99-13-9 and 04-28-9, and yellow peach varieties. They also had a guided tour to the peach germplasm nursery and the test garden for variety comparison, and had an in-depth discussion on the existing problems in peach production.

The activity not only exhibited the new varieties developed by the Institute of Horticulture, but also shed light on consumer acceptability for different peach varieties, which was of great help to future variety selection and breeding.