The JAAS 2009 Annual Working Conference solemnly convened

The JAAS 2009 Annual Working Conference solemnly convened

On May 12th and 13th, the 2009 Annual Working Conference of JAAS (Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences) is solemnly held. All JAAS senior officials, divisional chiefs, administrative members and office directors of the specialized institutes, managers of JAAS-funded enterprises, and deans, secretaries-in-chief, and office directors of affiliated JAAS institutes in the rural area attended the conference. In addition to the above-mentioned executive attendees, over 700 people were present on the conference on May 12th, composed by JAAS retired leaders, all JAAS personnel, chiefs of JAAS democratic parties, and retired representatives.

Lu Xiaoxi, Deputy Secretary in General of JAAS Party Committee presided over the conference.

On behalf of JAAS Party Committee and JAAS General Administration, Dean Yan Shaohua delivered the report entitled Improvement of the Scientific and Technological Innovation Capability to Serve the Agriculture, Villages, and Peasants of the Province and to Take to a New Level the Scientific Development of the Scientific and Technological Endeavors of JAAS. Upon summarizing the accomplishments of 2008, Dean Yan Shaohua verified that JAAS had attained to the significant and fruitful events in the whole year. Guided by the Provincial Government Committee and the Provincial Government, JAAS had liberalized its thoughts, dedicated itself to the campaign of studying and applying the Concept of Scientific Development and made a dramatic leap in the path of the scientific development. In the first place, considerable progress had been made in developing the Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Center. In the beginning of 2008, the Provincial Government passed on the Standing Committee Plenary Session its development proposal, put in place the 229-million Yuan fiscal fund for construction, and increased the earmarked fund for the Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation from 15 million Yuan to 30 million Yuan. Secondly, the nationally state-of-the-art Animal and Vegetation Science Base was built up and operated. Additionally, 11 platform programs were under construction by JAAS and 3 were newly launched. Great importance was attached to cultivating the circular agriculture, agricultural produce quality security, high-efficient gardening, upscale breeding, and agricultural produce processing etc in an attempt to sharpen the scientific and technological niches of JAAS. Moreover, the scientific and technological program contracts of JAAS reached 223 million Yuan in total, with 195 millions of fund in place. The program level and the fund grant etc hit a new record. Thirdly, JAAS was granted with 1 First Prize, 2 Second Prizes and 4 Third Prizes of Jiangsu Science and Technology Advancement Award, 2 Shennong Chinese Agricultural Science and Technology Awards, and 7 Agricultural Science and Technology Promotion Awards in the preceding year. JAAS had released in total 972 theses, of which 30 were published by SCI. JAAS had applied for 45 national invention patents, of which 18 patents were granted. Besides, JAAS had studied and formulated 80 technical standards, developed successful 7 new vaccines, entitled to 3 new animal drug certificates and 32 new breed authorizations. Up to now, the total number of breed authorization applications by JAAS had outrun the rest of the agricultural institutes in China. And over 20 breeds and patents were transferred by JAAS, with the deposited fund valued at 20 million Yuan. Fourthly, the poverty-relief campaign and the high-efficiency agricultural pilot program enhanced the social image of JAAS. In addition, JAAS had augmented dramatically the enterprise management and engaged proactively in the strategic restructuring. The revenue of the JAAS funded enterprises reached 22.81 million Yuan. And the senior talent reserve of JAAS hit a new level owing to the concerted efforts by JAAS to attract and train the caliber-featured talent. And the logistic supply and CPC Party-related cultural development were improved dramatically.

JAAS President Yan Shaohua pointed out that JAAS had committed itself to studying and applying the Concept of Scientific Development, summarized the development experience, identified the development hurdles, proposed the development solutions, fulfilled the theoretical and practical goals set in three stages, and set a solid path for the scientific political and ideological development since November of 2008. Through studying and applying the Concept of Scientific Development, JAAS had come to an explicit conclusion that the sustainable development of JAAS relied to a larger degree on complementing the provincial task on agriculture, villages and peasants and complying with the underlying rules of the agricultural science and technology development. According to the demands of the government and the peasants and the underlying regulations of agricultural science and technology development, JAAS had adjusted tirelessly the specialized subjects, upgraded the scientific and technological service approach, retained the edge on the conventional subject and secured the faster and better growth of JAAS. In addition, JAAS had come to know consciously through studying and applying the Concept of Scientific Development that only when the scientific and technological innovation was sufficiently influential and fruitful could it gain a foothold and a support. JAAS had developed its Animal and Vegetation Science Base and Circular Agriculture and Animal Sciences Subjects in a way to seek for influences and supports in the launch and implementation process and had adopted it as one of the important strategies to stimulate the fast and impressive progress of the scientific and technological endeavors in the days to come. Dean Yan Shaohua specified explicitly that unswervingly strengthening three key programs, sharpening three key competencies, and facilitating the innovation system still topped the agenda of the future work in the short run. When it comes to the platform development, endeavors should be made to build up such platforms as key labs, engineering technological centers, and scientific innovation transfer enterprises corresponding to each specialized subject in a bid to construct a complete link and cater to the improvement of three key competencies in the aspect of infrastructure facilities. In terms of the research subject development, JAAS should devote itself to keeping the niches on the conventional subjects and to speeding up the burgeoning subjects so as to gain a share and make a difference in Jiangsu and in China. As to the team cultivation, deepening the team buildup and improving the operational mechanism should be added into the previous endeavors. And the divisions concerned should step up their efforts to help the research centers and offices apply for and submit more influential and fruitful programs.

President Yan Shaohua maintained that great importance should be attached to the core of science and technology innovation as well as to the ambition of serving the peasants in 2009 through dedication into the following six aspects. To begin with, efforts should be made to further develop the Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Center, carry forward the agricultural science and technology innovation, consolidate the base management, wrap up the preparation for the 18,000-square meter Innovation Building, step up the application for the key lab and the engineering technology research center and strive for the approval of two programs as a goal. Next are the perfection of five key research subjects and the fulfillment of rating the subjects according to the entitlement to the provincial and the national awards. In addition, on the basis of the agricultural development status and the substantial rural labor force transfer, the conventional agriculture should be upgraded with science and technology and the conventional strength and status of JAAS should be highlighted through the application and implementation of the genetic transfer programs. Furthermore, tangible results should be made to integrate process management and performance assessment as the key into the research management, reinforce the intellectual property management, further implement the various talent attraction strategies by cultivating and gathering the scientific elites, enhance the core competitiveness of the senior talent trove of JAAS, convene the plenary talent conference of JAAS, and carve up a liberalized principle on the talent attraction. Apart from the above mentioned, the buildup of the elitist scientist team should be consolidated to lift the overall capacity of the outstanding scientific leadership and teamwork. And the key research subject system should be further polished to facilitate the creation of the top-notch teams. Besides, the scientific and technological services should be upgraded to dramatize the social influences of JAAS. Specifically speaking, the scientific and technological services should combine the demonstration and promotion of the corresponding accomplishments to modify in the service process the existing approaches and to complement the prioritized agenda of the Provincial Government Committee and the Provincial Government. The key scientific and technological services such as the implementation of poverty-relief campaign and the high-efficiency agricultural demonstration should be deepened. The evaluation and the fund management of the scientific and technological services should be enhanced. Additionally, attention should be paid to clarify the industry development goals and explore the alternative industry development solutions to contribute to the scientific and technological innovations and transfer. Also, the industry functions should be clarified and the various rules and regulations should be perfected to regulate the enterprise management and to ensure the JAAS invested enterprises to fulfill the expected profitability growth of more than 10% in 2009. What’s more, the CPC party members, enterprise culture and guarantee mechanism of JAAS should be nourished to create a favorable sphere for the various endeavors of JAAS, consolidate the accomplishments from learning and applying the Concept of Scientific Development, strive for the improvement of CPC Party qualification of JAAS, invigorate the CPC Party Anti-Corruption campaigns, and maintain the reform and development efforts of JAAS. Also, the cultural development approach should be altered to promote the formation of the related achievements. And the teamwork spirits should be augmented to mobilize JAAS to pursue common development. The infrastructure service should be lifted to build up the reliable logistic guarantee mechanism. Finally, the development outlook should be in line with the regional features to effectively improve the capability of JAAS to make the science and technology innovation and to complement the regional economies in the rural areas. In this regard, the research orientation of JAAS in the rural areas should be adjusted to reinforce its service capacity. And the seminar on the development and buildup of rural JAAS should be organized.

Also, the exceptional staff members and divisions that had made achievements in the related fields in 2008 were granted with awards on the conference. On the afternoon of May 12th, the attendees were split into groups for separate discussions. On the morning of May 13th, the attendees paid a delightful visit to the construction site of the Agricultural Ecological Park of JAAS. JAAS Vice President Chang Youhong summarized the conference in his remarks. According to the actual work of JAAS, Deputy Dean Chang Youhong put forward three points to implement the policies made on this conference. In the first place, JASS should make full use of its accomplishments from the campaign of learning and applying the Concept of Scientific Development to guide its pursuit of scientific and technological endeavors. In particular, efforts should be made to vigorously carry out the reformed measures concerned firstly, accent the thought liberation as the propeller to push forward the scientific development of JASS secondly, and devote to the endeavors of JASS according to the requirements of Concept of Scientific Development finally. In the second place, the various objectives and tasks of 2009 should be fulfilled steadily on the basis of the current situation by highlighting the key ones. Specifically speaking, endeavors should be made to first carry ahead proactively the stipulated goals of the Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Center, to strive to enhance the science and technology innovation capability and performance secondly, render meticulously the scientific and technological services to produce fruitful results and reciprocal impacts fourthly, and strengthen down to the earth the examination and survey and substantiate the seminar on talent development and rural JAAS growth and construction at last. Last but not the least, the inspection and supervision should be consolidated to better implement the policies and censuses from the conference. 


The Venue of the Conference

All JAAS chiefs attended the conference.