Prof. Shi Zhendan listed in Jiangsu Top-notched Innovation Talent Program
JAAS has received the good news from Jiangsu Talent Work Leading Group recently. Prof. Shi Zhendan, an introduced researcher, has been listed in 2011 Jiangsu Top-notched Innovation Talent Program.
Jiangsu Top-notched Innovation Talent Program is one of the most important talent programs from 2010 to 2020 in Jiangsu. Established in 2007, Jiangsu Top-notched Innovation Talent Program aims to gather top-notched talents with key technological breakthroughs, independent intellectual properties or other specialized expertise. Jiangsu Provincial Government allots billions of yuan to fund those listed researchers or entrepreneurs. In 2011, the evaluation committee selected 402 winners out from 2,729 candidates and 12.5% of the winners are from the education, research and public health sectors. The success of Prof. Shi Zhendan is not only an honor to himself, who has been funded with 1 million yuan for the research work, but also an important indicator of JAAS’ breakthroughs in its development plans and corresponding talent programs. Prof. Shi is a famous scientist of waterfowls in China with outstanding contribution, including several scientific and technological achievement awards. He is also a candidate of National Talents Program for the New Century. Before he came to JAAS, he served as standing member of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) of Guangdong Province, vice chairman of Guangdong Provincial Committee of China Zhi Gong Party and standing member of Guangdong Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese. As an introduced researcher in JAAS, Prof. Shi has mainly engaged himself in large-scale animal breeding and made various innovations and breakthroughs.