Crop Model and Digital Agriculture Seminar Held in Resources and Environment Institute
On April 28-29, 2009, Digital Agriculture Engineering Techniques Research Center of Agricultural Resources and Environment Institute held crop model and digital agriculture seminar. Experts, scholars and postgraduates from Huazhong Agricultural University, Nanjing Agricultural University, and Yangzhou University, Jiangxi Climate Center made an in-depth discussion about crop model and its application and innovations of key digital agriculture techniques. Participants were highly concerned with Rape-CSODS, rice management decision-making system based on Web service, the application of crop growth model in climate change, dynamic spectroscopic monitoring of rapeseed growth and portable terminal system of agricultural information research, and think highly of these projects. The seminar plays an active role in further deepening and widening the research and application of crop model and digital agriculture and promoting the combination of production, teaching & research in digital agriculture research. Vice director Cao Hongxin organized this seminar.

Fig. Participants of the seminar in front of the conference hall